Submitting your Solar EEA Application Before the Alberta Election

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Submitting your Solar EEA Application Before the Alberta Election


Are you interested in going solar in Alberta, but aren’t sure where to start? With the provincial election being held on April 16th, the time for action is now.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is providing solar incentives up to 35% of total capital costs for projects in Alberta, up to $1,000,000 and continuing to process applications during the writ period. EEA website:

Alberta has enjoyed some of the lowest costs of power in Canada over the last few years, but that is changing as the costs in 2018 and 2019 are rebounding, see below.


Alberta Historical Price Pool


Source: AESO

Compass has recently secured over $1.5 million dollars in funding from Energy Efficiency Alberta, which will go to towards the engineering, procurement and construction of roof-top solar projects.

The combination of rising electricity rates, energy efficiency incentives, low capital costs and recent changes to Federal Tax incentives, make for a cocktail of reasons to go solar in Alberta now! Investing in solar in Alberta now can represent returns of 12 – 15% depending on your project size.

Getting your Part I approval from Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) is the first critical milestone. Getting your Part I approval means EEA is holding your incentive for you and you have 12 months to get your project built in order to receive it.

The challenge most people face is with the first step on getting their Part I approval. This blog post will walk you through what you need to prepare in advance of applying for Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program to ensure you get your Part I approval.

The program does have a fixed budget and political outcome is uncertain, so time is of the essence! Follow the steps in this blog post and make a move to reserve your funding before it runs out.


Step 1: Collect 12 months of historical bills

There are a variety of questions in the EEA application that require information from your bills. This includes your 12 month historical consumption, project location, your wires service provider and your Site ID. Having this information at the ready will help reduce the time needed to complete your application.


Step 2: Work with an installer or consultant to provide a preliminary system design and cost estimate

The Part I EEA solar application requires information related to proposed solar system including the number of panels, their orientation, their tilt angle, their make and model, among others. Unless you are able to provide a preliminary system design on your own, you will need the support of consultant or an installer to complete these types of questions on the application.

In addition, the submission of the EEA application requires the selection of an approved installation company. However, the company you use to install the system and company you name in the Part I application does not have to be the same.


Step 3: Create an Account

This requires just basic information about the person applying on behalf of the company applying and is completed online.


Step 4: Review the Application Questions

If you have collected 12 months of bills and are working with a consultant or installer as per Steps 1 and 2 above, you will be well equipped to answer all of the questions in the Part I Application. However, we have also prepared a summary of the questions that will help you make sure you have all of the answers ready.

Please email and request an EEA Solar Application Summary and we will send one to you as a resource.


Step 5: Submit your Application

Once you have all of the information ready in the summary spreadsheet you can populate the application and submit.


Step 6: Wait for your approval

The EEA will respond to your application with one week of electronic submission with an approval or any clarification questions.

Now that you have a better understanding of what is required to complete the application process you can rest assured that your solar incentive will be approved. This Part I approval will reserve your incentive from the EEA and will give you 12 months to build and interconnect your project.

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Jonathan Cheszes

Managing Director at Compass Energy Consulting